Silicon Harbor, as Charleston is often called for its emerging hub of technology companies, will soon have a headquarters.

Dig South, the local firm that organizes the annual showcase of the tech industry, announced this week that it will launch a Silicon Harbor Welcome Center at its storefront at 637 King St. to familiarize the public with the tech companies based in the Southeast.

"Dig South is contacted daily by people looking for information about tech startups, established companies, jobs, capital and more," said Stanfield Gray, founder of Dig South. "The Silicon Harbor Welcome Center will give them a convenient spot to drop in, have a conversation and find what they need."

The center, which is set to open Aug. 4, will offer brochures, job posts, and promotional products from tech industry-related companies in the region. Dig South is also launching a website,, this fall to supplement the center with other online resources.

Those interested in submitting materials to be distributed at the Silicon Harbor Center can email

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