INDIANAPOLIS - Ten Clemson and South Carolina prospects at the NFL Combine, 10 o'clock on Hump Day. Seems like a match made in heaven.

Before we dig into the numbers, projections, notes and quotes, here's a little primer so you understand what's going on.

First, the numbers listed under each player are as follows:

Height, Weight | Arm length | Hand length (wrist to tip) | 40-yard-dash time (seconds) | Bench press repetitions of a 225-pound bar

Vertical jump, from a set position (inches) | Broad jump, from a set squat (inches) | 3-cone drill (seconds) | 20 or 60 shuttle (seconds)

And the projections are from Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN draft analyst; Mike Mayock, NFL Network draft analyst; and, a drafting database.

1) Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

6-5, 266 | 34 1/2 arms | 10 hands | 4.53 40 | 21 bench

37.5 vert | 124 broad | 7.27 3-cone

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Quote: "One thing we look at is sometimes as a coaching staff, you may try to attack a player. We choose to look and say, what are the positives? What traits do we like? To see that his junior year maybe didn't completely go his way he wanted, but . everybody's going to have struggles at times; it's more how do they adjust to those and get better from those times." - Gus Bradley, Jaguars head coach

Bonus quote: "The very first practice, we couldn't block him. He was tagging me, and I was falling down just when he was tagging me. I knew he was something special the very first time he stepped on campus. . I think Jadeveon Clowney is going to be a better NFL player than he was a college player." - Connor Shaw, South Carolina QB

Bonus quote: "Clowney's a great player. When he wants to go, he can go with the best with him. For him, it's that motor. It's on or it's off. When he plays with a consistent motor, he's one of the best guys out there." - Tajh Boyd, Clemson QB

Kiper projection: No. 3 overall, to the Jaguars

NFL Network: No. 1 overall, to the Texans

Walter Football: No. 2 overall, to the Rams

2) Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

6-1, 211 | 32 arms | 9 5/8 hands | 4.43 40 | 16 bench

34 vert | 126 broad | 6.95 3-cone | 4.34 20 shuttle

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Quote: "I'm watching Sammy Watkins take the stage today, and he's 6-1, 211 pounds or something like that. What separates that guy? What makes him such a great football player? It's all the other elements; it's not just height, weight, speed. It's all the other stuff that's been part of his makeup, his gifts, and then also the experiences he's had, the coaching he's had, the opportunity to play with great players and a great quarterback through college." - Pete Carroll, Seahawks head coach

Bonus quote: "He's probably the most complete receiver here. He's just a very wise guy. He's very mature beyond his years. He's going to be a special asset to whatever team grabs him." - Tajh Boyd, Clemson QB

Bonus quote: "He's a guy you are going to think about from Sunday to Saturday. He's capable of that big play, and I had to make sure he didn't make it on me. This year he did have a great catch on me, like a 50-yard past route." - Victor Hampton, South Carolina CB

Kiper projection: No. 5 overall, to the Raiders

NFL Network: Top 10 selection

Walter Football: No. 5 overall, to the Raiders

3) Tajh Boyd, QB, Clemson

6-1, 222 | 30 3/4 arms | 9 5/8 hands | 4.84 40

30.5 vert | 106 broad | 7.33 3-cone | 4.23 20 shuttle

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Quote: "I thought he did a very good job in the pro style offense (at the Senior Bowl.) He picked it up quickly . those guys will be long gone before we would think about taking a quarterback that played in that ball game." - Mike Smith, Falcons head coach

Bonus quote: "Tajh has gotten a whole lot better. It's a lot smoother now. Ball comes out a little quicker. With Coach (Chad) Morris, it was about technique and getting it out quicker. But now Tajh, since he's going to be playing pro-style football, Tajh has more time to rock back and sling it around." - Martavis Bryant, Clemson WR

Kiper: Fifth/sixth round

Mayock: Late-round pick

Walter: Third round

4) Connor Shaw, QB, South Carolina

6-0, 206 | 30 arms | 9 1/4 hands | 4.66 40

34 vert | 116 broad | 7.07 3-cone | 4.33 20 shuttle

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Quote: "You want the toughest quarterback in the SEC, plays through every injury you can possibly think of, he can run the ball, he's a dual quarterback, but he can also throw the ball. I mean, he's a winner. At the end of the day, isn't that what quarterbacks are about? Isn't that what you want as a quarterback, is a winner? He's not a guy who's gonna be rah-rah, but when he does speak, it's gonna mean a lot." - Victor Hampton, South Carolina QB

Bonus quote: "I believe Connor Shaw has got every potential and everything it takes to be an NFL quarterback. He comes out there and practices hurt, he pushes through, he leads the team. When we needed him in clutch moments, against Missouri, he came back hurt and pushed through and put us in position to win the game. Hats off to Connor Shaw, he can play football." - Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina QB

Kiper: Late-round pick/undrafted free agent

Mayock: Late-round pick/undrafted free agent

Walter: Undrafted free agent

5) Bruce Ellington, WR, South Carolina

5-9, 197 | 31 arms | 9 5/8 hands | 4.45 40 | 15 bench

39.5 vert | 120 broad | 6.69 3-cone | 3.95 20 shuttle | 11.12 60 shuttle

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Quote: "He reminds me a little bit of a bigger Ace Sanders. And I really liked Ace Sanders. So I think he's a kid, given the depth of this receiving class, probably a third- or fourth-round guy. But he's got some upside, I like him." - Mike Mayock

Kiper: Third round

Mayock: Third/fourth round

Walter: Late-round pick

6) Martavis Bryant, WR, Clemson

6-4, 211 | 32 5/8 arms | 9 1/2 hands | 4.42 40 | 16 bench

39 vert | 124 broad | 7.18 3-cone | 4.15 20 shuttle

What's the story? Bryant prepping with Cris Carter, former Clemson grad Villani

Quote: "Coming out of my routes, I tend to pop up a little bit. But I've been working on it with Cris Carter. I should be fine. . He taught me a lot of things. The mental side, how to play smarter, and some of the key traits to coming out your routes and everything." - Bryant

Kiper: Third/fourth round

Walter: Third round

7) Bashaud Breeland, CB, Clemson

5-11, 197 | 31 3/4 arms | 9 hands | 4.62 40 | 11 bench

34.5 vert | 123 broad | 7.04 3-cone | 4.33 20 shuttle | 11.65 60 shuttle

What's the story? Bashaud Breeland battling to join elite group of NFL cornerback prospects

Quote: "When we start training hard, sometimes guys are dealing with stuff. Normally every guy is gonna have one small setback during Combine training. Some guys, even two. He hasn't even had one." - Tony Villani, XPE Sports performance trainer

Kiper: Third/fourth round

Mayock: Third/fourth round

Hampton: Second round

8) Victor Hampton, CB, South Carolina

5-9, 197 | 31 3/4 arms | 9 1/4 hands | 4.69 40 | 20 bench

33.5 vert | 118 arms | 7.01 3-cone | 4.2 20 shuttle | 11.57 60 shuttle

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Quote: "I'm very physical, smart, knowledge of the game, preparation, put the extra hours in, lot of film work, good tackler, just going to be in the wide receiver's face all the time." - Hampton

Kiper: Third/fourth round

Mayock: Third/fourth round

Walter: Third round

9) Kelcy Quarles, DE, South Carolina

6-4, 297 | 33 1/4 arms | 9 3/8 hands | 5.03 40 | 27 bench

23.5 vert | 102 broad

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Quote: "I do get tired of hearing (Clowney makes his teammates look good,) but it is what it is. I feel like I was in the weight room working hard at 6 o'clock in the morning. I was out there at two-a-days running hoops so I could get to the quarterback. I'm glad he was out there and that things worked out the way that they did, but at the end of the day, I still had to beat my man to get there." - Quarles

Kiper: Second round

Mayock: Second/third round

Walter: Fourth round

10) Brandon Thomas, OL, Clemson

6-3, 317 | 34 3 /4 arms | 10 1/ 2 hands | 5.09 40 | 35 bench

29 vert | 98 broad | 8.13 3-cone | 4.83 20 shuttle

What's the story? Tackle or guard? That's the big question for Clemson's Brandon Thomas

Quote: "He was a left tackle who played well (in college), and did a good job at the Senior Bowl practices. He could play as guard, and be a great guard, a Pro Bowl guard." - Mel Kiper Jr.

Kiper: Second/third round

Walter: Fourth round