It’s official: Former Charleston banker Chris Latham is now divorced from the wife he is accused of plotting to kill.

A Family Court judge signed a final order last week ending his marriage to his wife of 24 years, Nancy.

Latham, who remains jailed in connection with the alleged murder-for-hire plot, did not attend the final hearing in the contentious divorce case, which had dragged on for two years.

Financial details of the couple’s divorce settlement have been sealed by the court, so it is unclear what remains of their assets and how that pool was divided. As part of the final order, she dumped her married name and reverted to being Nancy Cannon, her maiden name, documents show.

Her attorney, Tim Madden, said she is looking forward to putting the case behind her.

“There are no winners in the Family Court, but certainly Ms. Latham is looking forward to the future as a better place than the last two years have been,” he said.

Chris Latham’s lawyer, Robert Rosen, could not immediately be reached for comment Tuesday.

The pair, who have two children and separated in November 2011, each had accused the other of infidelity. Cannon amended her complaint before the final order to seek the divorce simply on the grounds that she and her husband had been continuously separated for one year.

Federal criminal charges were filed against 51-year-old Chris Latham in August, about four months after allegations were made of a plot to murder his spouse — a Mount Pleasant real estate agent and state lottery official.

The alleged plot came to light after 39-year-old Russell Wilkinson of Louisville, Ky., told Charleston police during a traffic stop that he had been hired to kill Cannon.

That sparked an investigation that led to the arrests of Wilkinson, Chris Latham, Latham’s girlfriend and bank assistant, 37-year-old Wendy Moore, Moore’s ex-husband, Samuel Yenawine, and Yenawine’s girlfriend, Rachel Palmer, 36. All are awaiting trial except Yenawine, who committed suicide while in custody in June.

Chris Latham, a former Bank of America executive who once commanded a $600,000 annual salary, filed for bankruptcy last month but then withdrew that petition just days later.

He had cited financial pressures from mounting bills, including the $5,500 in support and $3,000 in housing expenses he had been ordered to pay monthly to support his wife while their divorce case wound its way toward trial.

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