Water Liars

Less than two years ago, Justin Kinkel-Schuster played a few rough-draft versions of songs he had written for friend and fellow musician Andrew Bryant, an instance that resulted in a collaborative songwriting and performance duo.

The St. Louis-based Kinkel-Schuster went to Bryant’s native Mississippi, where the pair spontaneously recorded its debut in a small mill town with one microphone, a small collection of instruments and a kinetic energy that spun out an entire album in three days.

The duo released its sophomore album, “Wyoming,” in March, once again showcasing a painful, simple honesty void of the generic, pretentious predictability typically associated with modern indie music that sounds as though the pair would be as happy playing in its living room as it would in front of an audience.

Water Liars will perform Monday at The Royal American, 970 Morrison Drive, with Elim Bolt and Scott Dence. Tickets are $5 at the door. The show starts at 9 p.m.

Go to TheRoyalAmerican.com for more information.

The Polish Ambassador

David Sugalski began making electronic music several years ago in his native Oakland, Calif., but it wasn’t until 2007, under the moniker The Polish Ambassador, that he began making waves internationally.

Since 2007, Sugalski has released nine albums as The Polish Ambassador, spinning a live show of breakbeat and synth-funk that is as trancing as it is prodding.

The Polish Ambassador will perform Saturday at The Pour House, 1977 Maybank Highway. Tickets are $13 in advance, $17 the day of the show, and are available at the door or online at Etix.com. This show is for ages 18 and over; those under 21 are subject to a surcharge at the door. Doors open at 9 p.m.

Call 571-4343 or go to CharlestonPourHouse.com.


Probably the last place you would expect to hear the beginnings of a new music sensation is on the front porch of a Massachusetts frat house, spitting from the mouths of a couple of college bros sporting the latest Air Flights and clean cuts. But the last place you would expect to look is often where you find the biggest surprises.

Such a fortune cookie statement holds true for Boston-based duo Fresh Aer Movement, or simply Aer.

Equal parts MCs and acoustic singers, David von Mering and Carter Schultz released their debut mixtape, “The Reach,” last year as an online introduction that has garnered 100,000 downloads.

The pair played off the mixtape’s success by releasing its debut EP, “What You Need,” in October. The EP quickly became the No. 1 album on the iTunes hip-hop charts, eventually climbing into the Top 10 on the iTunes overall album charts.

The duo’s full-length debut, “The Bright Side” was released in July, climbing in popularity on the heels of the group’s singles “Like the Way” and “Floats My Boat.” To date, Aer has grown its following after well-received performances alongside Mac Miller, Shwayze, Cisco Adler and others.

Aer will perform Wednesday at the Music Farm, 32 Ann St. Tickets are $15 in advance, $18 the day of the show, and are available at the door or online at Etix.com. Doors open at 8 p.m.

Go to MusicFarm.com or call 577-6989.