On Valentine’s Day, Charleston police arrested a man twice caught having sex in a tent on Marion Square.

While patrolling the grounds of Marion Square shortly after midnight on Thursday, a police officer said he stumbled upon Bryan Williams, 19, of Millersville, Maryland, and an unknown woman having sex on a bench inside of a tent.

The tent was a part of the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, an incident report states.

The officer ordered the couple to stand up and cover their genitalia. They were unsteady on their feet and smelled of alcohol, according to the report.

The officer told the pair to leave the park and go home. Instead, they giggled as they walked away only to crawl into another tent, police said.

Police caught them as they were beginning to have sex for a second time, the report states.

Williams and the woman crawled out from inside the tent and tried to run away, but the officer stopped them, the report states.

The woman escaped, however, while the officer struggled with Williams but was able to put him in handcuffs, the report said.

Police charged Williams with trespassing, disobeying a lawful order, disorderly conduct, indecent exposure and resisting arrest, the report states.