Consider these products for helping canines and felines become better family members:

Get a peek at your pet’s adventures with a camera developed especially for use on cats and dogs.

Made by Dogtek and retailing for $99, the Eyenimal Pet Video Camera offers continuous recording of digital images for up to 2½ hours. Images can be transmitted to a computer using the cable provided.

Today’s collars do much more than hold dog tags or fight fleas. The Canicom remote training collar by Dogtek allows dog owners to combine vocal commands with electronic beeps and impulses. Corrective commands can be given even if the dog is a distance away. Retails for $189. Special bark control collars also are available.

Keep cats and dogs out of restricted areas and off the furniture with Sound Barrier, a wireless indoor sonic fence that uses a collar to trigger a blast of noise rather than an electric shock to scare pets away. Retails for $79.99.