A father and son from Charleston were arrested Sunday in Bluffton for allegedly targeting women walking alone and asking them for money, according to the Bluffton Police Department.

Police said multiple reports had been made over the past week complaining that William Thomas Davis, 61, and William Travis Davis, 32, were approaching lone women in grocery store parking lots. They would falsely claim they needed money for car repairs, Lt. Joe Babkiewicz said.

Officers arrested the pair Sunday as they were asking a woman for money, according to a news release. They were charged with loitering by begging and pandering, a misdemeanor.

Police said the son also gave them a false name. Bluffton officers later discovered warrants were out for his arrest in the Charleston area, Babkiewicz said. Details of those charges were not immediately available.

Both men were being held in the Beaufort County Detention Center. The fatherís bail was set at $470 and the sonís at $940.

The son will be extradited to Charleston after he deals with local charges.