• Seventeenth century car wisdom •

Plug-in cars were pretty scarce in the early 1600s — in fact, plug-in anything would have been miraculous.

All the same, the head of Plug-In Carolina believes a quote from the 17th century is timely in today’s market.

“I’ve always enjoyed phrases of wisdom and their origin,” Jim Poch, executive director of the Charleston-based group, said in his latest newsletter.

“One dates back to 1614 from Scotland,” he said. The expression is, “Many a little makes a micle.” Translation: Many little things add up to a lot, Poch said.

“George Washington agreed with this so much that in 1793 he paraphrased the thought in his writings, ‘…nothing in nature is more true “that many mickles make a muckle.”

Poch contends that the saying fits with the plug-in industry this year.

He noted the following:

• The Chevy Volt drove more than 100 million electric miles.

• The Nissan Leaf drove more than 100 million electric miles .

• Ford entered the market with two plug-in models and a third will be delivered next year.

• Tesla received car of the year from Motor Trend and Automobile magazines.

• Chevy Volt won Consumer Reports’ owner satisfaction survey for the second year in a row.

• Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf are holding their resale value according to Kelly Blue Book and ALG.

• Plug-in sales continue to sell at twice the rate hybrids did when they entered the market.

In Poch’s view, “It’s working. The Volt and Leaf electric mileage alone saved our nation 8.7 million gallons of gasoline.”

The executive director is looking ahead. “What will 2013 bring when 14 models are available? How will sales fare as battery prices fall?”

Poch summed things up by returning to the country’s first president.

“George Washington will forever be known as a warrior and father of our country. But closest to his heart was farming and his estate was a model of thrift and self sufficiency,” he said. “I wonder how he’d feel if he knew his nation’s economy could collapse based on a single maritime strait 7,000 miles away. I can’t know but I guess he’d be proud of the ragtag group of commoners taking on a challenge and ending that vulnerability.”

For more information, visit www.plugincarolina.org.

• Ocean’s Nine •

From the Middle East to South America, and Baltimore to Joppa (Maryland), locally based Scout Boats Inc. is expanding.

The Summerville-based company has brought on nine new boat dealerships spread across three continents.

New outlets include several Marine Max centers, a domestic outfit in two states and two international dealers.

“We’re continuing to grow our relationship with Marine Max beyond the stellar representation we have in Florida as well as a concerted effort in aggressively signing new international dealers like Magnum in Uruguay and Aqua Marina Yachts in Israel,” said Alan Lang, national and international sales manager for Scout Boats.

“The additions in Tennessee and Florida will further help us penetrate those middle-U.S. markets,” he said.

Dealerships are:

• Anderson Marine in Madison, Tenn.

• Aqua Marina Yachts Ltd. in Herzelyia, Israel

• Beach Marine Boat Sales out of Jacksonville Beach, Fla.

• Marine Max Baltimore, based in Baltimore.

• Marine Max Brant Beach in Brant Beach, N.J.

• Marine Max Brick out of Brick, N.J.

• Marine Max Maryland in Joppa, Md.

• Marine Max Somers Point, based in Somers Point, N.J.

• Magnum Marine in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Founded in the Charleston area more than two decades ago, Scout Boats builds sportfishing, fish ’n ski, walk around, flats and bay boat models 15-35 feet in length.

According to Scout Boats, its goal has been to manufacture top-notch boats in its distinctive sportfishing niches. Each Scout hull is original, crafted by the in-house research and design team working closely with the engineering deparrtment to take concepts from blueprint to production. The efficient system has helped the company build a world-class reputation for quality, strength, durability and value, according to Scout Boats.

For more information visit www.scoutboats.com.