Despite being the most portrayed U.S. president on film and having countless biographies written about him, Abraham Lincoln continues to fascinate scores of people.

Fans of the 16th president likely will be flocking to theaters this weekend to catch the new Steven Spielberg film “Lincoln,” which features an uncanny depiction by Daniel Day-Lewis, who is garnering talk of an Oscar for his role.

Greg Larson is the current Head2Head champ, and Ryan Bowen is his opponent in this week’s face off.


1. Lincoln was the first U.S. president born outside the original 13 Colonies. Where was he born?

2. What was Lincoln’s nickname?

3. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” was a speech given by Lincoln during his unsuccessful run for what political office?

4. Lincoln was the first U.S. president from what political party?

5. What was Lincoln’s profession before going into office?

6. How many years is “four score and seven”?

7. What year did Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclamation?

8. What did the 13th Amendment do?

9. The Lincoln Memorial has two of Lincoln’s speeches inscribed on it. Name one.

10. Which paper currency features a portrait of Abraham Lincoln?


1. Believe it was Kentucky.

2. Honest Abe

3. Illinois senator

4. Democrat, maybe?

5. A lawyer.

6. Well a score’s 20, so 87.

7. 1864

8. Ended slavery

9. Gettysburg Address

10. The $5 bill.


1. Illinois

2. Honest Abe

3. Vice president

4. Republican.

5. He was a lawyer.

6. 87

7. 1871

8. Give women the vote.

9. The one from Gettysburg.

10. Penny. No, sorry. The $5 bill.


Greg adds to his streak with another win and will return next week to take on a new competitor.


1. Hodgenville, Ky.

2. Honest Abe, but also the Great Emancipator, the Rail Splitter, The Liberator and Uncle Abe

3. U.S. Senator

4. Republican Party

5. Lawyer

6. 87

7. 1863

8. Abolished slavery

9. The Gettysburg Address and his Second Inaugural Address

10. $5 bill