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Mandatory body cameras make sense

Get rid of unwanted items during Clean Marine days

Looking back at heartland terror 20 years ago today

The fourth floor of the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce building is where I was when the explosion went off. It was...

Even a van can’t get Hillary there

Boost mass transit to ease gridlock

Toxic truth on Pinewood is overdue

Walk in a cop’s shoes on use of force

VA scandal still a national outrage

Letter: Protect the Kiawah River Basin

I am president of Friends of the Kiawah River. Our organization’s mission is to protect the river from the adverse effects...

Letter: High stakes testing too much

It’s that time again in South Carolina public schools when we subject our teachers, students and administrators to the...

Letter: Put energy into school reform

As I read the Beach Company’s new proposal for the Sgt. Jasper property I couldn’t help but picture Bruce Banner as...

Letter: No need to ID a senior citizen

Can anyone please explain to me why it is I get carded at the RiverDogs baseball game before I can purchase a beer?

Letter: Death penalty for terrorists

When it is obvious and proven that a terrorist, or anyone else, has killed innocent people, bystanders to their heinous actions,...

Remembering Walter Scott

Redesign of Center Street planned at Folly Beach

REITs and rising rates: Pushing against conventional wisdom

NEW YORK — Are real-estate mutual funds going to see a price drop?