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The power of the blessing

In the Baptist church where I grew up, Deacon Bob taught our Sunday school class that rites and rituals were of Catholic origin...

Believing in a God-guided evolution of the world

Early next month, my wife and I will travel to Ecuador where we’ll scratch off another bucket list item. Thanks to a tax...

Integrity shows when no one watches

I began my Air Force chaplain’s career at Mather Air Force Base in Sacramento, Calif. I served there for three years as a...

Evangelical pick-up lines

In 1977, I was attending Baylor University while working an internship at Immanuel Baptist Church. With Southern Baptist Jimmy...

First, pray for yourself

During my cross-country speaking jaunts, I’ve practically memorized that part of the flight attendant’s safety...

Re-enlisting in faith during trials

Inside the office of our National Guard recruiter, a nervous sergeant stood to attention before a small gathering of friends and...

Inaccurate titles bring false assumptions

As I perused the news headlines of this past month, I couldn’t help but notice just how inaccurate titles and labels have...

Spiritual heroism

Editor’s note: The following is an abridged excerpt from Norris Burke’s upcoming book, “Finding Forgiveness...

Turn a deaf ear to the hate whispers

Last month I got a profanity-laced voicemail from a Florida reader who wanted to express his displeasure about all religious...

Matters of the heart

As a hospital chaplain, Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day I consider matters of the heart. My work in the Cardiac...

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