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Norris Burkes Syndicated Columnist


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Judgment Day revenge not up to us

Recently, the news has been full of some fairly unrighteous characters.

Searching for a heavenly sign

Twenty-five years ago we caught Sara, our firstborn daughter, jumping on her bed and singing the “Johnny Appleseed...

Doing with less in a land of plenty of stuff

Next month, my wife and I will take a huge financial step: We are going homeless. But don’t worry. I won’t be on...

Our actions speak very loud words

Last month, a Charleston reader wrote to tell me that he’d “... learned a great deal about you and your Christian...

Mundane heroism gets the job done

During my career as an Air Force chaplain, I was assigned to make regular morale visits into the work areas of the base.

Pray for those you don’t know

If you regularly read this weekly column, you’ll know that I often recount the inspiring stories of the patients I meet in...

Selfish reality of iFaith

Everywhere I look these days, I see someone bee-bopping down the street with earbuds connected to their iPhone or...

Unforeseen complications of marriage

This is the season feared by most ministers: wedding season. In fact, most ministers would rather do a funeral than a wedding.

What’s love got to do with it?

As a hospital chaplain, I introduce myself to nearly two dozen patients every day. Most of them greet me with the friendly...

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