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Kim Komando hosts the nation's largest radio show about the digital lifestyle, broadcast on over 435 stations in the USA and globally on American Forces Radio. Listen to The Kim Komando Show on 94.3 WSC News Radio Noon to 3 p.m. Sundays. Her Digital News Network delivers more than 12 million newsletters to subscribers each week. Visit Komando.com for the latest tech news, tips, videos and more.

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Tech Q&A: Pokemon, video quality, Craigslist scams and more

Q: My son is obsessed with Pokémon Go, but I’m hearing bad things about it. Is it safe?

3 legitimate ways you can make money online

Not a week goes by that someone does not call my national radio show asking about legitimate work-at-home online jobs. There are...

5 innovative uses for your smartphone camera

There are so many great uses for your smartphone’s camera other than taking selfies and family photos. Before you unplug...

Tech Q&A: Location tracking, medical records app and more

Q: I was shocked to hear you say on your national radio show that my phone is tracking wherever I go. What is the setting called?

7 clever tricks that make your iPhone or iPad better

Most iPhone and iPad users know that their gadgets will recharge about 25 percent faster if they put them in Airplane Mode and...

3 scary eBay scams costing shoppers

The online shopping site eBay is well-known as a place to find amazing deals. Unfortunately, this also makes it an ideal platform...

Tech Q&A: Blocking hurtful posts, detecting malware, etc.

Q: I went through a horrible divorce but Facebook seems to want to show me every happy memory from my married past. How do I...

How to boost your Wi-Fi for $50

How many times have you clicked a video or link and waited, and waited? You can’t know for sure if it is your gadget, your...

Tech Q&A: Stopping robocalls, sharing Wi-Fi, and more

Q: I heard you mention a way to stop robocalls on your national radio show. I was unable to write it down at the time. Help! I am...

Tech Q&A: Facebook quizzes, undoing Windows 10, free Prime, etc.

Q: I love taking quizzes, but I’ve heard reports that it may not be safe. Is this true, Kim?

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