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Veterinary medicine is a humbling profession

Veterinary medicine is a humbling profession. It is ever-changing and despite being a boarded internist, I (Perry Jameson) am...

Genetic condition commonly affects German shepherds

Q: Our newest family member is a beautiful German shepherd, Max. My husband did all of the homework in selecting a breeder with...

Crate training for dogs must be done properly

Q: I have a friend/neighbor that has a beautiful little dog. The poor thing is crated almost 24/7. Makes no sense to me. She...

Too much exertion can have dire consequences for pets

Stitch is a beautiful Boykin Spaniel. At just under 4 years of age, he is full of life.

Pet’s stool can be indicator of changes to health

No one wants to admit it, but we all monitor our stool on a daily basis. A change in the stool can be a significant finding and...

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