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Pet’s stool can be indicator of changes to health

No one wants to admit it, but we all monitor our stool on a daily basis. A change in the stool can be a significant finding and...

Learning from pets and people to change the world

Each day at our practice, a variety of dogs come and go. They come in all ages, breeds, sizes and temperaments.

Post-op care crucial step after pet’s surgery

The patient was a 3-year-old, rambunctious Labradoodle, who tore a ligament in his knee, called the anterior cruciate.

Vet’s instincts is part of informed consent process

Informed consent is at the foundation of medical ethics. It implies a patient’s right of self-determination in deciding...

Getting to the bottom of unknown illnesses

One of the things that frustrates the most as a veterinary internist is when I (Perry Jameson) cannot find the underlying cause...

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