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How to get the sale price

A few weeks ago I shared some of my strategies for “stalking the sale,” knowing when a potential seasonal deal may...

Readers blast cheapskate practices

We all want to save a buck, right? Some people (myself included!) have completely embraced a money-saving lifestyle. I love...

Wealth is a matter of perspective

In a recent column, I was discussing our household’s budget and mentioned that I do not consider our family...

Stalking the sale can pay off

Thanks to social media and couponing blogs, tracking when products are likely to go on sale has become remarkably easy.

New warnings in coupons’ fine print

Do you read the fine print on coupons? Manufacturers and retailers expect you to, though the fine print isn’t always the...

Be wary of online reviews

When you’re shopping online, do you read product reviews before you buy?

Why don’t you coupon?

Last week, I shared some emails from readers explaining why they use coupons, what they’re saving for and what couponing...

Readers share why they coupon

A few weeks ago, I asked readers to share the reasons you use coupons. I received so many interesting responses! Here’s a...

Readers share their frugal lifestyle tips

Did you make any New Year's resolutions for 2015? This time of year, the media often focuses on topics like weight loss, health...

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