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Jill Cataldo


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Everybody should 'go for it' during clearance sales

Recently, a supermarket chain in my area announced that it was closing its doors, and the stores would reduce everything to 50...

Pros and cons of coupon fairies

What’s a “coupon fairy?” Coupon fairies are people who leave unneeded coupons in the store for others to...

Marketers and the shrinking product

I've devoted many columns to the topic of product shrinkage: where a product's price stays the same, but the contents of the...

Coupon Queen: New year, smaller products

As price-conscious consumers, we always aim to maximize the value of whatever we're buying, whether it's a box of cereal, a...

Dealing with rude customers

Are you worried about what other shoppers think of your coupon usage in the checkout lane? My blog readers at

It's a brave new (digital) world for couponing

As technology continues to evolve, the way we receive coupons does too. If you're a smartphone or tablet user, did you know that...

Readers share their favorite coupon tips

My readers are never shy about sharing their couponing and moneysaving tips, so here's a roundup of great ideas for saving...

Adapting coupons to your needs

There are misconceptions among the noncouponing crowd that all couponers must primarily eat junk food, or that couponers have...

Identifying coupons from manufacturers

Manufacturer coupons are the engines that drive the couponing train. Most coupons you find online or in the newspaper inserts are...

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