The man who was shot by Hanahan police Monday night gave officers no choice, as he continued to fire at them even as he lay wounded on the ground, Chief Mike Cochran said Friday.

Travis Jerome Miller, 22, was shot dead after police said he ran after a traffic stop and fired at officers.

Cochran released dash-cam videos that showed the traffic stop and sounds of two volleys of gunfire. He said the higher-pitched gunshots that started each volley were the sounds of Miller’s .380 that a SWAT team found next to his body.

“He was determined not to be arrested,” Cochran said. “There was not a whole lot of choice.”

He did not release the name of the two officers who shot at Miller or say whether both shot him or how many times. He said they did everything by the book.

An officer stopped the black BMW because the windows were too dark, according to his radio communication. When a backup officer arrived, the driver and three passengers, including Miller, got out of the car. An officer told them he had seen marijuana inside and was going to pat them down. That’s when Miller took off running.

Here’s Cochran’s summary of what happened next.

The officers started after Miller. Miller fired at them over his shoulder. A backup unit pulled in front of Miller and ordered him to stop. Miller cried out, “I’m going to ... shoot your ass” and fired several more times. The officers returned fire and Miller went down among some trees.

Miller refused to show his hands so officers could approach, according to Cochran. About a minute later, he started shooting again. Two officers returned fire.

A SWAT team was called in. They found Miller dead, with a .380 nearby, according to Cochran.

The State Law Enforcement Division is investigating the shooting.

The incident report will be released Monday, Cochran said. He said he was giving officers several days to complete it to ensure it was accurate.

Meanwhile, one of the passengers who was arrested Monday on pot charges that night has been arrested again on another drug charge.

Denzel Jermaine Washington, 21, of North Charleston was charged Monday with possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct. He was arrested again Thursday in a drug sweep of five houses in the Charleston Farms Community, according to North Charleston Police spokesman Spencer Pryor.

The drug sweep netted four arrests, about a pound and a half of marijuana, a gram of cocaine base, 14 pills and three guns, according to police.

Washington was charged with distribution of cocaine base.

Pierre Grant, 30, of Attaway Street, Tyrone Skillman, 27, of Dobson Street and Tareal Cuttino, 21, of North Charleston were also charged with distribution of cocaine base.

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