Nasha Bolar, 41, of Charleston, has spent the past two years pushing herself to get into shape.

She said she put it all on the line on Saturday at Boone Hall Plantation’s third annual Rugged Maniac Adventure Race.

“It was rough,” she said as a deep sigh escaped her lips.

Slightly hunched with fatigue, Bolar stood covered from neck to toe in a slick, dark sludge that had a sticky consistency reminiscent of chocolate syrup.

There was a lot of pulling, climbing, running and crawling, she said of the 5K race that doubled as an obstacle course. And the challenge was filled to the brim with a sloppy mud that had a tendency to suction shoes off people’s feet and proved deceiving in terms of its depth.

The race in Mount Pleasant was Bolar’s first, she said, and she ran it alone. Exhaustion aside, she smiled with a twinkle in her eye.

“I just feel accomplished. Like I proved to myself that I could do it,” she said.

Bolar was one of more than 3,000 maniacs, some in costume, who converged on Boone Hall for Saturday’s race.

Attendees cheered each other on through the trenches and beneath wire with a sense of camaraderie having shared in the experience.

Participants battled the race in waves, with each group bolting toward the course in 30-minute intervals.

Lauren Hamill, race director with the Boston-based Rugged Races, said the event is a hit with those in the 20 to 40 age range, but that racers come in all ages and body types.

“It’s not just for the buff. We see a lot of people who say they’ve never done this before and just want to check it off their bucket list,” Hamill said. “It’s a family friendly event, so there’s something for everybody. Everybody can come out and have a good time.”