In the past year, Quintin and Chantel McGrew have lost an infant to a dog mauling, have seen their surviving children twice removed from their home, endured an investigation into their sex habits and have been accused of stealing jewelry.

Now, reports have surfaced that one of their two remaining children has suffered a “significant” injury in an attack by another dog at the family’s home.

The state Department of Social Services notified the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office on Jan. 3 of the alleged attack. DSS reported that the dog bite left a puncture wound on the child’s right cheek and the left side of his nose, but officials did not specify when the injury occurred, according to the incident report.

Sheriff’s spokesman Dan Moon confirmed that his agency is investigating the report, but he said he had no further information to release.

Reached by phone Tuesday afternoon, the child’s mother, Chantel McGrew, refused to discuss the incident.

“I am sick and tired of my life being all over the newspaper and the TV,” she said. “I’m done. I’m trying to put all this behind me.”

McGrew questioned why the media kept prying into her life. When a reporter explained that this was the second dog attack reported in their home in less than a year in which a child was injured, she replied, “At least my kid lived after this dog attack.”

The McGrews came under the scrutiny of DSS last year after losing their infant son to an April mauling by another family dog, which has since been euthanized.

In the April 20 incident, the family’s Labrador retriever mix snatched their baby, Aiden, from a bouncy swing and mauled him. His father, Quintin McGrew, was home at the time but sleeping when the attack occurred. Investigators charged him with unlawful conduct toward a child. He is free on bail while awaiting trial.

Attorney Andy Savage, who is representing Quintin McGrew in that case, could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

The McGrews were living in Dorchester County at the time of the mauling, and DSS removed their surviving children — a 7-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy — from the home after the attack.

They got their kids back in June, but lost them for a second time in August after their daughter told counselors that she saw homemade porn films of her parents and watched them engage in a sexual threesome with a woman.

The children again were reunited with their parents in September after DSS investigators determined that the allegations against them were unfounded.

That same month, the McGrews pleaded guilty to stealing a relative’s wedding ring, according to court officials. A judge ordered Quintin McGrew, 29, and Chantel McGrew, 24, to pay a $750 fine each.

The McGrews have since moved to Jennifer Drive in Ladson, and that is where the latest dog attack is said to have taken place. The Sheriff’s Office redacted the injured child’s name from the incident report, but the victim is referred to as a boy, and the McGrews have only one son.

Chantel McGrew said a television crew confronted her Tuesday after she returned from picking up her children from a school bus stop. So it appears the children remain with their parents at this time.

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