The mother accused of stuffing a cotton ball-sized object down her child’s throat at the Medical University hospital early last year faces a charge of trying to kill her child stemming from the Feb. 2 incident.

Chevonne Deandra Younginer, 18, of Bonnie Lane in Summerville had been charged with child neglect. On Nov. 13, 2012 the grand jury handed down a new indictment of attempted homicide by child abuse in the same case.

Younginer attempted to cause the death of her child, who was 6-months-old at the time “while committing child abuse or neglect under circumstances manifesting in an extreme indifference to human life,” according to the indictment.

Younginer was caught on camera inside her child’s hospital room, which was being monitored, after the child was checked in because of what was described by MUSC police as “history of life-threatening episodes.”

A recording showed Younginer taking a cotton ball-sized object, described as a white cloth ball taken from a stuffed toy bear’s hat, and shoving the item into the child’s mouth, according to an MUSC police incident report.

As Younginer walked away, “the child almost immediately appears to begin struggling to breathe,” the police narrative also states. MUSC staff then held the child face down and delivered several blows to her back. The baby vomited and the white ball was dislodged.

Prosecutors with the 9th Circuit Solicitor’s Office, who are handling the case, could not comment at this point in the case.

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